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Getting slowly back on track

hey visitor… after being away for a longgggggggg time I’ve decided to come back in business!! And OMG, LOTS TO DO. First things that needs to be done is:

[li]plugins, addons, hosting software, library references: they were totally out-of-date and we’re in the process of replacing them.[/li]
[li]Boost performance: due to my very strict specifications in the past, the website became slower, slower and slower….. I’ve learned over the past couple of years to be flexible once in a while, and now we’re working on a much faster[/li]
[li]making the website responsive: rather than making a total new design, I have dived into CSS for the first time in my life, with the goal of mastering it, and my very first project is making responsive in such as way the user has a seamless experience [/li]
[li]Introduce new features: you might remember the speed we used to have back in 2090, 2010 and 2011? We’ll be prepared! I personally expect we’ll have an even faster speed in the course of 2018.[/li]
[li]Promote new content: as a community website we’ve had a good sleep. Time to get up, stretch out and be ready for a rocking day![/li]
[li]Introduce a new design strategy: gradually replace the current design to a new one delivering an amazing experience.[/li]
[li]Stand up, expand, show ourselves again: once we’re back on track, it’s time to show ourselves again, promote our platform and reconnect with our members. [/li]


I personally expect that you’ll notice the first small differences of the course of the weeks and you’ll definitely will see them in the course of 2017. I’ll keep you posted in this forum! If you’re interested to work along, please contact me. If you happen to find glitches (they will occur, we can’t avoid), please report them to me or in the bug forum.

Many thanks for your patience!


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Hello Erwin:

Looks like I joined the site at the right time! Looking forward to all of the changes coming!!


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Oh yes, you did!!!! Enjoy the new vibe Jason!!!


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