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NEWS: survey on 3000 US and UK consumers shows it is time for chatbot integration in customer service!read more.. global planning

During the past months, I’ve promised a lot on the forums on the future of Yes, we have huge plans, but we also have priorities. Here’s our list of priorities:

Synonym project
Link Manager Module
University listing
Research tab (=version 2.7)
Companies sub tab (version 2.8)
-Forum upgrades (version 2.9)
-New home page (version 3.0)
-Wiki & Chatbot
-Entertainment tab events chatbot contests
etc etc

We hope to deliver version 3.0 mid 2011.

In between: animation forum board, speech forum board

Synonym project: we’ve identified 126 synonyms of the word ‘chatbot’. This list will be published soon (probably with 2 weeks)

Link Manager Module: this module allows us to manage all external links. With more than 8000 members, we have a huge amount of external links we need to manage. We’ll process invalid links, http errors and links to unsafe or bad website. We’ll come up with some smart solutions.


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Did I seriously write that I hoped to deliver 3.0 mid 2011????? Well, I’m always far to optimistic :-s I originally thought that the research tab would be there in June 2009 (launched May 2011) and the Advanced Membership Program end 2009 (expected in a few weeks from now, the end of August 2011, hopefully I’m right this time).

We’ll then first launch 2.8.1 containing ‘Analytics’, the reporting pages for Advanced Business Members, 2.8.2, with some promotional aspects, followed by work on either 2.9 or 3.0, a bit dependent of the availability of new version of the forum module we’re using.

Keep you posted in this thread…


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2.8 was delivered on Oct 12, 2011


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Erwin, what might the “entertainment tab, events and contests” contain?


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good question! The entertainment tab will contains videos, book & games featuring intelligent virtual characters.

Events will be about real life events and webinars we will organize. Contest are chatbot contest.


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So, any approximate dates for them to be started?

If not, then why?


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Everything is postponed for the time being because of budget problems. I’ve decided to do some programming and website myself, and after that we’ll continue with crowd funding and crowd sourcing. will be cooler than ever!


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