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Personality Plugins

Does anybody know where I can find personality plugins for my pandorabot? I want to give it an exciting/arrogant personality.

Could anybody custom make one, or know where I can find an existing plug in?


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No such things exist I’m afraid.


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The personality of a Pandorabots chatbot (or any other AIML chatbot, for that matter) doesn’t, or even can’t, come from any sort of “plug in”. It comes from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of new or altered AIML categories, written (usually) by the botmaster who cares for the bot. If you wanted someone to do that sort of work for you (e.g. creating a chatbot with a specific personality type), you can expect to pay no less than several thousand dollars, and more realistically, several tens of thousands of dollars, and it would take several weeks, to several months to see it’s creation. Basically, you’re paying not just for a creative writer’s services, but for the services of a creative writer that knows a very focused skill - -namely, AIML structure and syntax. That skill isn’t all that easy to master, either, believe me. smile

I wouldn’t hire myself out for that sort of work for any less than a quarter per AIML category, and I’d want a sizable deposit up front. raspberry


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