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chat bot for web site


What are the solutions (free software) for create a bot in AIML, and put it on a website ?

Without Pandorabots or such plateforms. Something like Program-AB or Program-O.

Thanks in advance wink



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Program OB ...

Program-O 2.0 with AIML 2.0 has been running stable in ALPHA for some time.

Coming Soon!


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Ok. It’ll run on a web server with Apache, PHP and MySQL I suppose ?
Can we have some different bots on different web sites with only one installation ?
I suppose it’s free software ?
I’ll test it wink

Is there others solutions ? Perhaps with no database (like Program-AB witch is good I think) ?


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Dare I ask why you don’t want to use Pandorabots? It’s free and the API is very straightforward.


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Plus, you can easily put a chatbot interface on your website that uses the Pandorabots API, without having to go through the process of installing anything. Just sayin’... cheese


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Yes, I know that. And yes you can ask me wink

The aim of my project, in addition to learn a little of this very interesting domain, would be to make a commercial bot to sell for web site owners.

So, I need an independant tool.


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Your plan to build an open source chatbot is a good one. There are several fantastic options, AIML bots such Pandorbots, Program-O or ChatScript or RiveScript, and more.

In addition to any of those open source chatbots which are definitely worth setting up and even customizing, you may want to try designing and building your own chatbot separately. PHP is a good choice.  Perl is another powerful option.  ASP.NET if you are on Windows.

Artificial Intelligence is a lot of fun to experiment with.  Start out simple.  For example, with a Finite State Machine to play Rock/Paper/Scissors: ... Then you are on your way, gradually training it, to become smarter and smarter.

Adding a database is a great idea, but you don’t absolutely need a database for starters, or at least not until your bot outgrows its code listing.  But, if you are planning to author thousands of records in your new chatbot engine right away, then you may as well startout designing it with database connectivity.  Or perhaps you may just dig SQL… Then go for it!

All this is just meant as a friendly suggestion.


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There’s no commercial and free chat bot for e-commerce, only proprietary. And it’s a tools more and more used now.
So, I think i’ll use Program-O, or Program-OB. They’re good solutions, good programs.
I have started AIML files for the knowledge. And I had to translate Program-O in French.


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May be you should try Tars( These guys are developing scripted chat bots specifically for web browsers. Looks like something you are looking for.


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Hopefully he found something, as this thread is 3 years old…


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