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Learning chatbot

Learning chatbot
Give her the answer or leave it out to test her.

I taught her, “Hello.”, “What is your name?” and
“What is your gender?” in 10 seconds. She really
does learn what you teach her, right away. It is
very easy to teach her… She learns fast!

Example usage:

When you say…  What is a chatbot?

Then I say… A chatbot is a virtual human.

That’s all there is to it. It takes a few seconds.
Please don’t abuse her, talk dirty to her, or teach
her to insult others, because she may repeat what
you teach her in public.

Super model rendered in Blender 3D using Linux.
Please help me improve the interface to make it as
easy to use as possible.  Thank you.


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Demo site:


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Interface Updates:

All new Super Model Headshots
Now with Beautiful Full Body Shots
Added support for multiple responses
Added Chat and Learning modes
Added mode switching, manual and automatic
Added toggle switch to hide or show Disclaimer
Added Help Page: Easy to understand explanations


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