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AIML Launching An External URL Syntax

I am trying to launch a web-based music site from within my bot and seem to have the syntax off, any ideas?

pattern>PLAY ACCURADIO</pattern>
template><Opening Accuradio</template>



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What you have so far is a good start toward creating a clickable link, but to actually play or stream music through your chatbot is a complex task, with a few different ways to do it. A Flash or Silverlite interface could be used, but that would require having one of them embedded as an object into your web page, and that’s hard to set up unless your chatbot’s interface page is AJAX driven (it can be done, but the constant reloading of the page because of the chatbot conversation will take time to load over and over again, and that interrupts the music).

IT would also help to know what chatbot platform you are using. This knowledge will help us to give you better guidance. smile


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I am working with the Denise platform and my initial goal is to simply launch this in an external webpage.

Thanks Again


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No problem. Love to help where I can. smile

I’m not all that familiar with Denise. I thought it was strictly a desktop app that didn’t have a web interface. oh oh


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It is currently desktop with the companion mobile app launching this month.  I has full web access also.


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Will your web page be a simple HTML page? Or will it be driven by a server-side scripting language (e.g. PHP, Ruby, ASP, etc.)?


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Then might I suggest using a Javascript “framework” such as jQuery to make the page itself “static”, while allowing you to dynamically change only certain parts of the page, such as the chatbot’s conversation elements, and the input URL of whaever media playing option you choose? I can offer a lot of insights with this, so if you’re interested, just use the email link below my avatar image to send me an email about it. That’s the sort of stuff that doesn’t necessarily need to clog up the forums, and conversations like that could contain potentially sensitive information, that’s best kept private. wink


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I just figured it out…there was an easy internal solution so no fun this time smile

pattern>PLAY ACCURADIO</pattern>
template><webbrowser=""Opening Accuradio</template>


{Post edited - added [code ]tags to make the AIML easier to read - Dave}


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Aha! Good! Simple and sweet, and simple is better. Awesome! cheese


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