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Collection of transcripts

I’ve done a lot of searching and have pulled together some transcripts from various chat bot conversations.  However, it’s hard to find a significant number of transcripts between humans and chatbots very easily.

Is it possible to collect and archive them (at for references?  I’m fond of text file formats in readable human language.

My purpose is to extract the human question and use them as a feed for my bot. This would allow me to compare its response with other bots.

I’m guessing that transcripts are ‘not’ the intellectual property and therefore public domain. However, that’s simply a SWAG. Any clarification on this point would be appreciated.



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Yes, and Erwin had stated that some bots have actually ‘passed’ turing tests when the topic was very limited.

I would REALLY like to see those transcripts!  I highly doubt though, that they would be much more than ‘Block Worlds’ type conversations smile


Person: Pick up a big red block.
Computer: OK.
Person: Grasp the pyramid.
Computer: I don’t understand which pyramid you mean.
Person (changing their mind): Find a block which is taller than the one you are holding and put it into the box.
Computer: By “it”, I assume you mean the block which is taller than the one I am holding.
Computer: OK.
Person: What does the box contain?
Computer: The blue pyramid and the blue block.
Person: What is the pyramid supported by?
Computer: The box.
Person: How many blocks are not in the box?
Computer: Four of them.
Person: Is at least one of them narrower than the one which I told you to pick up?
Computer: Yes, the red cube.

But still pretty darn good for 1968 !!!!!!!!!!!


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One of the minor “side projects” that I’ve got planned is to create a page that shows a chat log, organized by username, of conversations with Morti. It shouldn’t be all that hard to come up with, so I think I’ll prioritize it a bit, and post a link when done. It won’t be anything fancy, just a page with a drop-down list of users, and a display area for the conversation logs, and possibly functionality to save the transcripts as a text file. Do you think this would be useful to you?


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I would find that most useful. 

I was thinking since Erwin was working on a ‘reference’ section at it might be helpful to post a lot of transcripts at that location.



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I’m already hard at it, Chuck, and should have a link posted within a couple of hours, barring any crisis on this end. smile


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Ok, it took longer than I had wished, but I got it working. Here you go:

Now, some things to consider:

1.) This is a VERY simple, no frills page. I hope to add functionality for saving the current chat log as a text file, but don’t have the time, at present, to do so. As soon as I do, I’ll update you all about it.

2.) There is no filtering at all of the logs, so you’ll see the occasional bit of foul language. You will also see the formatting tags for font formatting, links, and images. I’ll add this functionality at a later time, as well.

3.) Due to the way Morti was originally designed, and considering that he’s not in his “usual” environment, there’s an issue with user id numbers. This means that almost everything in the chat logs is under the name Mitsuku. I plan on correcting this, but the way things are going, Morti may well be back in his “new home” (pChat 2.0) before I get a chance to work around the problem. If that happens, the problem will no longer exist anyway. smile

Of course, as always, I’m always ready, willing and able to listen to any feedback that you may wish to give. Suggestions, comments, complaints and “attaboys” are always gratefully and humbly accepted and considered. smile


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Hi Dave,
Thanks!  That was fast.  I think the page is very easy to use.

Will you update these transcripts regularly? Will it be automatic once Morti is in his regular environment?

Good job!!  I mean… “attaboy”. =)



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Since the chat log page is pulled directly from Morti’s database, the chat log is current “up to the second”, more or less. If the collection of names changes, then a full page refresh is needed, but the rest is filled in real time. thus, there’s no need for me to “update” them. Later tonight, if I have time, I’ll address the user id issue, and clear the conversation logs for another round. Then if we can get more folks to chat with Morti, you can see the dynamic nature of the chat logs in action. Just bear in mind that my concept of “later tonight” doesn’t always match the norm. smile I seem to do my best work after midnight.


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Good point guys! So we need a collection of transscript, clear. I’ve made an feature request here:

In the mean time you might want to checkout the transscripts of the various awards in our awards tab:

I know for sure that the Loebner prize often publishes transscripts online. If you go through the awards tab to the 2008 page of the Loebner prize and click on ‘details and acknowledgements’, you’ll end up on this page:

And the transscripts are available over there.

Furthermore, (you’ve probably done this), you might want to use all the synonyms: chatbot transscript, chat bot transscript, chatterbot transscript, virtual human transscript, virtual agent transscript and virtual assistant transscript and its plurals: chatbot transscripts, chat bot transscripts, chatterbot transscripts, virtual human transscripts, virtual agent transscripts and virtual assistant transscripts. And actually also the plurals of the synonyms and the combination.

It’s clear to me, should simply have this onboard
cool hmm


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I’ve managed to add functionality for saving the chat logs. when you’ve selected the logs you wish to save, there’s a button in the upper-right corner, labeled “Get Log”. Click on that, and you’ll see an alert that reminds you about right-clicking, then a link will replace the button. That link is your bright, shiny gateway to chat-loggy goodness. smile

I’m still working on Morti’s script, to allow individual users to have their own user id. For some reason, PHP sessions are misbehaving on my development server, and I don’t want to make changes to the live server till I get the situation handled.  long face I’ll beat this thing into submission, even if I have to re-write the whole darned thing!


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Just pulled some transcripts from your link to test my keyword generator. Can you believe it? Morti occurs quite a lot. =)

Thanks again for doing this.



  [ # 11 ]

Sure thing, Chuck.

By the way, I’m fairly certain that I have the user id problem fixed with Morti, and I’m well on my way to discovering the cause of the whole “it” problem, and thus, a solution. Hopefully, I’ll have Morti back to fighting trim in a couple of days. Then I’ll clear the chat logs, and send out a call to each of the forums that I participate in, and get some fresh logs generated. I’m also making good progress with pChat, and hope to have it back up and running in a couple of weeks, with any luck. smile I’ll post progress reports when I can.


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