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ProgramAB in C# App

I am creating a perminent assistant. I have worked with pandorabots but want much more… I have developed a C# app that recognizes speech and converts it to text. It also handles TTS as I have it currently running a case statement for results. Default will simply return the string it recognized. I do not want to lose the AIML files I expanded on… I want to pass said string to ProgramAB and return the result to tts and/or serial port, but lack the documentation on how to properly use the ProgramAB.dll.

Alternatively, if I am going about this the wrong way… please share your better judgement. For further info:

I want this to function locally, on or offline.
I have several tools and sensors that I have a UI for, but I am adding control/readouts.
I need to keep my current AIML files.
I need to store information, must remember previous statements

I tried ChatScript, and while it appeared to be a possible route (not ideal for passing strings), I would lose my AIML progress.


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My apologies for the inaccuracy of my post. I am doing a lot of research with ProgramAB, however I was writing this post as Program# in C# App… Making the subject line useless…


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So you are looking for docs on Program# ?


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Yes, every link I have found is broken or removed.


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Yes, that’s because it was abandoned. I tried it a many years back and it had problems then.

It will do most things and it would probably be educational to look at the source and build your own DLL.

What IDE are you using ? If you are using Visual Express/Community then you should just be able to include the DLL in your project.

There were some pages with basic usage - I’ll see if I can find anything - it’s too long ago to recall anything directly from memory now.


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Two pages with the basics :


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