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new to chatbots and programming - trying to build Facebook messenger bot using Microsoft bot framework

hello all,

so I’m new to coding - I write and edit a blog about startups, tech, entrepreneurs and VC funding called http://www.haggerston-times and I thought it would be neat to add a chatbot that could engage visitors in conversation, discuss recent news, and direct people to relevant parts of the site.

so I began with FB developer and first thing I had to learn what a webhook was. I worked out to set up a webhook by using the MS guidelines here:

these instructions were pretty good and a big help so now I have a registered bot w/ facebook, hosted on Azure (which I think I will have to pay for). Now I am trying to look at dialogs and again the MS instructions are good, I’m learning a lot but my lack of coding experience is now seriously hampering me.

it is telling me the first thing I need to do is import a namespace - now I have a vague idea of what a namespace is and the code they are suggesting kind of makes sense but how do I add a namespace - I found some instructions here: but my project designer does not contain the same fields

Please help me work through the dialogs section - I just don’t know where I should be putting the suggested code - how it fits into the botbuilder project I have created - and MS instructions get very complex very quickly.

Any help very gratefully received!



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Hello Ted:

Sounds like you’re using VB.NET if your instructions are telling you to import a namespace. In order to do so, you simply type the word ‘Imports’ and then the namespace you want to import after that. For example, to import the Microsoft.Bot.Builder.Dialogs namespace, you type ‘Imports Microsoft.Bot.Builder.Dialogs’. Importing the namespace saves you from having to write out the entire namespace every time you want to use a class or other object in the namespace.

Regarding dialogs, have you seen the MSDN Channel 9 videos that explains them? That would be a good place to start for you.


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