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Restaurant Waiter ChatBot

Dear all ,
First of all please excuse my English
  I would like to thank mr. Dave Morton because he is the one who show me this form
  I found this forum amazing I found a lot of information about AIML   and about artificial intelligence.

  I told mr. Dave about my plan
  which I believe I can reach it,  mr. Dave,  assured me that he will give me an advice
to accomplish this goal.

  I want to create a Chat boat that it will be look like a restaurant waiter taking an orders from the client.
  I want to chat to be very normal,  and the clever.
  the chat robot will collect user order and forward it to the owner of the restaurant but it will not forward full chat !
  just client order.
I will give you an example:

  Me: hello BOT how are you.
  Robot: I am fine thank you how are you do today.
  Me :  well nothing much actually I feel hungry can I make an order
  Robot:  sure , go on.

[ one minute left ]

Robot:  hello there I’m waiting your order. [  here you can note that BOT   remind the user to make an order ]

Me:  oh I forgot okay let me see the menu please.
Robot:  what kind of food do you like,  Chinese , Japanese , Spanish , American , Arabian!
Me:  well let’s go with Chinese.
Robot:  Chinese is a good choice but I do advise you to give up your food a shot.
Me:  well let’s go with Chinese.
Me:  well let’s go with Chinese.
Me:  well let’s go with Chinese.
Me:  well let’s go with Chinese.
Me:  well let’s go with Chinese.
Robot:  Please do not repeat your words in order to make the chat useful .
Me: OK I am sorrey .
Robot:  Never mind , so were we ware ... Mm Arabian food or Chinese ?.
Me:  okay let’s try Arabian.
Robot:  do you like to see the menu ?
Me:  fine let’s go.
Robot :  [here Robert will send a memo of available Arabian food].
Me:  but I don’t like anyone of this food please get me back to my   first choice.
Robot :  you mean Chinese.
Me:  What else !
Robot :  [here Robert will send a memo of available Chinese food].
Me:  okay I would like to try sushi.
Me:  please I want it spicy ,  with two Pepsi,  and don’t forget to put 2 straw with it .
Robot :  never mind let me show you your order again to confirm , .
Robot : sushi + 2 Pepsi +2 straw smile
Robot : Do you confirm.
Me:  yes but I want to see the prices before.
Robot:  oh sorry let me show you the prices.
sushi $10 + 2 Pepsi = $5 +2 straw smile FREE smile = $15.
Robot: Please my tell me your GPS address and phone number!
Me: Sure , here you go , lat:23432 ,long:123432. And my phone number is 16543212343

Robot : your address :  lat:23432 ,long:123432. phone number : 16543212343, do you confirm .
Me: Yes I do .
Robot: do you like me to checkout your order?
Me: Yes please .
Robot: Order has been sent , have a nice day.
Here the conversation is ended.

After 10 minute :
Me: Robot what happened with the order please .
Bot : Order has been sent to you , 5 minute ago , please stay sharp smile
Me: Tell me a jok.
Bot : I am sorry , I am very busy taking orders , do you like to make a new order ?

As you can see , it is very sophisticated chat,  robot detect the repeat of answer.
  robot can analyze the address and the phone number.
  robot ask for confirmation
  robot collect the prices of the food.  and ask for the confirmation to.
  Robot tell the user about the order status when user asked the bot , whats happened with my order. And give user sent time .

and moreover robot remind the user to take an order the robot detect that client has been away.
And after that , robot send to the Restaurant Owner :

New Order :
sushi $10
2 Pepsi $5
Ground Total : $15.
Address: lat:23432 ,long:123432
Phone number : +16543212343
Remarks : 2 straw .

How can AIML collect the information that Clint ask for then pass it to PHP application to store it
in database ? After user conformation .

As you can see in this situation :
sushi $10
2 Pepsi $5
Ground Total : $15.
Address: lat:23432 ,long:123432
Phone number : +16543212343
Remarks : 2 straw .

And more over it did math !

Will, can this programmed by AIML? Can can program-o handle this kind of chat?
I   always hear about self bot training, is this able to be don with out any human action ? Is there any open source   project .

Some company made some thing close to my idea :

See how thy made it :


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