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Integrating Third Party(s) in A.I.M.L. 

I wanna know, ‘How to integrate other external services with A.I.M.L. like Flickr, Uber etc. ?’


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Pandorabots has an AIML API at  I used the now defunct Yahoo! Pipes for API integrations.  I do not know of a really good API integration platform, certainly not a visual one.  Otherwise, API integrations depend on your own creativity and coding skill.


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Oh. :D
Thanks Marcus Endicott very much. :D
I think it’ll help me.
If not I don’t think you wouldn’t bother if I contact you again? wink


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Hi Sanket & Marcus,
Could you provide some more details about integrating any 3rd party (for making API calls and getting the result back) based on user’s input.



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