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How To Create a Customised Chatbot For a Class Assignment

Dear Dave,

I am New here,i read you article no doubt you have a great information about Bots.i follow your instruction to make my own stand alone bot.i want to ask you can i easily Control bot with C#.


The way this thread was arranged, there was really no way to cleanly split this part from the original, so I went with the way that created the least confusion. Oh well. smile


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Hey Dave. Your work is really good.

That’s why i come now for advice:-)

I am building a chatbot, it’s my first time.The purpose is for my class project. But im stuck on something here, which method of building works for me? It’s a serious presentation going on for my final year Bachelors degree in 4 months time. Advise me please


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Hi and welcome, Qui and Samilee! smile

@Samilee, I am very sorry for the delay in responding. I wasn’t on back in March, so I’m just seeing your post for the first time today. I know next to nothing about C#, so I cannot advise you in that area. My area of experience is in web-based languages (HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP), with a little bit of Visual Basic thrown in to confuse me. I wish I had better information than that, but this is what I have to work with. Sorry.

@Qui, if you don’t mind, a bit more information will help me to help you. First and foremost, what language/platform will you be wanting to use to build your chatbot? And will it be a general conversation bot, or more along the lines of an expert system? It might also help a little if I knew if this was for a major in CS, IT or some other specific field, so that I know what approach to take.


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Hey Dave! Thanks for replying.  I don’t mind for the purpose of clarity so I shall.

I’m a Bachelor’s degree student in Computer Technology
The idea I have in mind is the usual conversational customer service bots for a retail website. Now, im not sure what language and method is best, why I came here

And I’d like to make that choice through experience, through someone like you!


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Ok, great! that’s enough information to start, but I’m going to move this discussion into it’s own thread, so that we don’t end up “hijacking” the original. I have an early shift at work, so I won’t be able to do more than move the thread tonight, but I’ll leave it up on my browser so that when I get off work I can get right to it.


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