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Need help with 20Q AIML file

I want to try Steve Worswick 20Q.aiml file on my first Pandorabot to have a play with it and learn more about AIML but I cannot figure how to add the file to my existing bot - is this possible? If not, then how can I chat with Steves 20Q chatbot, where do I upload the file to?

I know its probably obvious and easy to do, but I am a complete newbie here and this is may first attempt at playing with my own chatbot. Thanks in advance for any help.

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Hi there. Yes you can just add it to your Pandorabot, republish and away you go. Say 20Q to start the game.

Are you using the “playground” on Pandorabots? If so, select your bot, choose the “files” tab, click on the up arrow icon (upload files), choose the 20q file and that’s it.

Bear in mind though, it’s just a bit of fun. The bot randomly says yes or no until the user either reaches 20 questions or gives up.


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Maybe it’s time to create a ‘mini ontology’ in AIML, and have an actual 20 questions script? I think it would be a rather interesting project, in and of itself. cheese


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