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Seeking help with deciding a platform for hosting my bot

Hi all,

I am unable to settle on a choice of suitable platform to host my bot. I would like the platform to have the following features.
1. Allow me to upload and download AIML files.
2. Allow me to run the platform on my own server if I so choose.
3. Support AIML 2.0.
4. Have a simple WCAG 2.0 guidelines compliant interface that is, it should use standard controls, have text labels for buttons etc. This is because I use a screen reader.

Pandorabots comes closest to meeting the above requirements but their file manager does not play well with my screen reader rendering the platform unusable. More over, I can’t run it on my own server but I am willing to drop that requirement if the other ones are met. I have looked at bot libre but can’t figure out how to upload set files. 

I am currently using program-ab to develop on my local machine but it is time that my bot met the real world.



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Sadly, Program O does not support AIML 2.0 quite yet, but what I might suggest is to use the technology and code from the Program O JSON GUI as a template for building your own interface to Pandorabots. That way you can put it on your own server as a web page and use the AJAX functions in the JavaScript code to connect to your Pandorabots chatbot. I’m willing to help with this process if you like, but my time is rather limited so the amount and type of help will be rather limited. Still, I’d like to see you succeed with this, so I’ll do my best to assist however I can. The hardest part will be in switching from JSON to XML in the jQuery code, but really that’s not all that difficult.


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Hi Dave,
To clarify, are you suggesting that I use the pandorabots API to create an alternative interface? I’ll check out the Program-O code. As of now, my biggest problem is with the pandorabots file manager.


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