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Combine ChatScript and Machine Learning tools?

Hello everyone smile

I’m a software engineer student and I’m currently involved in a project that aims at building a platform that will aid conversational bots for customer service. Basicly, we have to read user input, map them into actions and reply a response. The bot is supposed to be prepared to help with specific problems but should also allow a bit of conversational features (I hope I can make this clear).

I believe that a rule based approach would be fine for this case, and I was thinking of using ChatScript for that. If I learned it right, ChatScript is good enough to extract intents from users inputs, right?

Also, is there any machine learning mechanisms in ChatScript? For example, can it learn from previous conversations and rearrange rules? If not, are there any machine learning frameworks that could be useful in this customer service bot? Could they be used with ChatScript? How?

Thanks in advance and sorry if this post became kind of convoluted. I’m just a beginner and I still have many doubts. :/

Mariana smile


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There is no ML in ChatScript. Nor rearranging rules per se without a lot of clever scripting.


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