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Script to attach Program-AB to Omegle random chat

Another Omegle automation script.

Now you can release your instance of Program-AB (with added AIML2 awesomeness) on unsuspecting Omegle users for testing purposes.

Written in Python, it’s quite simple, if a little rough. Could easily be extended to other chat sites. Let me know if you do any mods, would be interested to know.

Logs conversations to the bots individual local logs file. This is optional and set by a boolean flag at the top of the script.

Have fun smile


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I noticed that you mentioned Program O in the README.MD file. While the mention is appreciated, it’s not actually accurate. Neither me nor Liz (the creator of Program O) had anything to do with Program AB, which is what I’m fairly sure you meant to mention. Oops? cheese

Since I know neither Java, nor Python, this is not something I would be able to properly check out in any sort of in-depth manner, but I wish you every success with it.


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Oops indeed. Thanks for pointing out the typo. Fixed.

Thanks, but this is actually just proof of concept code that I found amusing and thought others might get some use out of or an idea maybe. It is all building to something though wink


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