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best way to start making a chatbot ?

I am doing Masters and I have to make a chatbot for my project. This will be purely for Academics.

I did go through AIML and NLTK however AIML looks very easy and NLTK tough (whatever I could gather so far)

I want to use Python ( I have already downloaded anaconda) and use some already present package with Python.

Can somebody please guide what is the best way to start and what package is best to use considering It’s for academics purpose only.


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Hey Vidisha,
I suggest the first port of call would definitely be the sticky post on this thread, as it should give you the essentials to help get you going.


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Tell us more about the Masters program.  Sounds pretty cool!
Do you need to write an original chatbot in Python?

Program-Y is written in Python. It does AIML, NLTK and can learn.
Perhaps, the Program-Y developer may even respond to you?




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Hey this is Keith, developer, creator, curator and father of Program-y

More than happy to help out, what would you like to know ?


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