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Chat bot consultant for university

Hello guys
am new to AI and chat bot creation…..and would like to be given a headstart in creating a bot for my school….


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Hello and welcome to! smile

It would probably be a good idea to give us a few more details so that we can advise you. things like the sort of coding experience you have (and in which platform(s)), goals for the chatbot, etc. would go a long way toward helping us help you.


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oops….thanks for the reply Mr Dave Morton…..and sorry for my delay
I just begun learning AIML
and with what I have gathered from the other forums and You,
I would need PHP(MYsql) knowledge too….which am also a beginner

Goal for the chatbot
* a source of information to students about news and current happeinings in the school…
and all this would be done in a conversational sort of way….


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Welcome Humado,

I think that Pandorabots is a great place to get started and get familiar with AIML for free.  You can share your bot with others for free if they are members (there is a small monthly fee to publish your bot so the public can see it.)  You can take the AIML files you develop there and copy them to a platform that you create and host yourself later if you choose not to host your bot with them. 

I am not sure that you need PHP and MYSQL to get started before you learn AIML.  Pandorabots does not require PHP and MYSQL knowledge.  I will post sample AIML code in a topic under the AIML category and you can check that out.  I will provide you with a sample school news topic that let’s you specify news by day in advance and then the bot will respond each day with that days news when asked.  You do not need a database and you do not need to edit the news AIML files each day.

Best Regards,



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Thanks Alaric smile

actually, am doing this as a school project and I am suppose to sort of build it from scratch…
and i think using pandorabots would be otherwise…..Dave has a thread about using php….


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