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New Loebner Prize Protocol Prototype

Please help test my New Loebner Prize Protocol Prototype


It is an HTML file with four JavaScript include files in the same directory.

No A.I. engine hooked up yet… But a simulated response is generated.

So, it is just the client side without the node.js server side running.

If this is working then I can hookup an A.I. engine in JavaScript next.

Thank you.

NOTE: The JavaScript include files for sockets is renamed so the webhost would accept it for upload.  It is the same file with a shortened file name.  There is no log of any chats.  This test is meant to help with programming. 




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So… I’m aiming to try to enter the loebners. Who can advise me on how to install Node.js and whatever I need to connect c++ chatscript engine to this protocol (presumably via some shim thru LPP).  Please reply via my gowilcox gmail personal account.


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My research into the new Loebner Prize Protocol is experimental…

There has been some exploratory success to share:


For the Linux operating system, I discussed LPP installation at AiDreams…

A slightly different installation may be expected on other operating systems.


The first step to achieve the desired aim of a simple C++ to Node.js connection

is possible.  However, this connection is preliminary and is still being studied.


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A courtesy update for readers,

The updated reference at the top

of the thread has changed to:

Welcome to chatbot.ML


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