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Testing for concept matches in IF clause

Here are some newbie questions pertaining to syntax obstacles I couldn’t easily figure out from the documentation.

1- In an IF test, how do you test for things contained in concepts?

This does not seem to be working:

if ( $bobsreligion == ~religious_sect ) {$bobisreligious = 1}

2- How do you set one variable to another variable?


u: () $thisisbobsreligion = $bobsreligion


Thank you for any response!!


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If test uses ? to test set membership, so if ($bobsreligion ? ~religious_sect)

In a pattern one does a similar behavior without spaces:  u: (_~building _0?~religious_sect)

By set one variable to another, you mean store the NAME of a variable into another or transfer values. Your code is correct for copying values across


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Thanks a bunch! smile


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