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Action Proposal: Rename the new LPP

This may seem either a little petty, or unimportant to some, but I find myself having difficulty with two LPP (Loebner Prize Protocol). When discussing the Loebner competition with regard to the protocol(s) being used it can get to be confusing at times. I have a potential solution to this that I would like to share. Let’s continue calling the old protocol the LPP, but let’s call the new one the NLP (New Loebner Protocol). I think that the acronym fits, still honors the memory of Hugh (we miss you, sir!), and provides an easy way to differentiate between the two. Feedback, opinions, questions and concerns are all welcome. Thoughts? smile


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I have to say this: NLP means “Natural Language Processing” to anyone who works in AI.
I just call the new interface “the interface”.


  [ # 2 ]

how about LPP2


  [ # 3 ]

@Don: good point. My brain was screaming about some sort of conflict with that acronym, but darned if I could remember what. smile

@Bruce: I like that. It works for me. {insert favorite thumbs up emoji here}


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LPP2 seems right to me.


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How about RLP (Revised Loebner Protocol). I personally like PLP (Prized Loebner Protocol) - it’s valued for sure wink
But if not, I also support LPP2.


  [ # 6 ]

There is no need to rename the Loebner Prize Protocol (LPP). 

Simply refer to the LPP by one of its modes: Character-mode or message-mode.
















  [ # 7 ]

Still too confusing, Tom. I think I’ll just go with LPP2. If that suits others, great! if not, well I won’t complain (out loud). cheese


  [ # 8 ]

Old protocol:

Character-mode, File-system based, Perl program

CRAMPER - ChaRActer-Mode PErl pRogram

New protocol:

Message-mode, Sockets.IO, REST, Node.js

REMISSION - REstMessage-mode SocketS.iO Node.js


  [ # 9 ]

That sounds vaguely intestinal in nature, not to mention potentially painful, but at least the two acronyms are quite distinct from one another. cheese

BTW, Rich, it’s been quite a while since we chatted. Perhaps we should arrange a Skype call at some future point? I think it would be good to catch up. smile


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I suggest LPP v2, that is what I called it for Uberbot.


  [ # 11 ]

See that Dave?

A Computer Science PhD seems to have felt my influence.

Go with Message-mode and Character-mode, friend.

Be more Computer Sciencey. ( Pronounced: /ˈsīənsē/ )


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