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I have been very favorably impressed with Alexa. I know creating a Loebner interface would be difficult, but I wonder how it would fair in the competition.


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4. Entries should not try and access the internet.  The selection machines will be isolated from the internet.

I don’t think that Alexa will work very well without connection.


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If you have an Alexa, you could run the qualifying questions by her. I expect the results will be self-explanatory. Someone did similar with Siri in 2013.

Hello, my name is Andrew. What’s your name?[/li][li]
Why don’t you tell me a little more about yourself?[/li][li]
I am a researcher in Artificial Intelligence at Goldsmiths University, do you know what that is?[/li][li]
Will you tell me about your dreams?[/li][li]
Can you rephrase that?[/li][li]
What is my occupation?[/li][li]
Can you tell me about a film you haven’t seen?[/li][li]
What do you think of Trump?[/li][li]
Anything else?[/li][li]
What is the answer to “Add 34957 to 70764”?[/li][li]
How do you recommend I make tea?[/li][li]
What do you get if you bake dough?[/li][li]
Where in the world would you like to visit?[/li][li]
Do you have the time?[/li][li]
What does it take to Tango?[/li][li]
Now I’m going to ask some Winograd schemas, do you know what they are?[/li][li]
I was trying to open the lock with the key, but someone had filled the keyhole with chewing gum, and I couldn’t get it out. What couldn’t I get out?[/li][li]
The trophy doesn’t fit into the brown suitcase because it’s too small. What is too small?[/li][li]
With which type of question do you have most difficulty?[/li][li]
Thank you for participating in this test. Is there anything you would like to add?[/li]


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