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Constructing URLs with Program-O but getting spaces in my URL
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Shane McCusker - Sep 1, 2017:

Following Daves earlier post, I am experimenting to see if the problem was my use of the <get>  tag.

I have tried this.
{Code removed for brevity - see code above}

On typing Test Tag I am getting the response

apple orange

This makes good sense in the context of these two words but is still a problem for me when trying to construct a URL. That is I still have a space between each word. :(

That’s as it should be, Shane. Program O parses AIML tags such that each tag has a single space added to it, with the output of the last tag parsed getting trimmed to remove said space. This is why I think your <concat> tag is a good idea. In fact, I would suggest that there be two new tags: <concat> and <concat2>, that carry out the second and third options I presented in my code earlier. The <concat> tag could help you to build your URL’s, while the second could… could… Well I’m sure there’s a use for it somewhere. cheese


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