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I want to ask something about program-o but first i am so new to program this and i will explain what i have done now.

I make an chatbot application base on android and an website chatbot, i want connect that two application to my database using mysql (phpmyadmin). my question is how can i connect those application to database?.

i have read the tutorial on but when i navigate to the web (tutorial no 5) it doesn’t show anything (on Attachments). is my step wrong? please response

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Hello, Maitri, and welcome to smile

I’m Dave, and I’m the lead developer for Program O. Let me first say that I’m sorry that you’re having issues with it, and that I’m here to help.

Before I can assist you with this problem I need some information. Please read this Program O wiki page to learn about how to report issues, and what information will be needed in order to get the help you need. Don’t worry about reporting it on GitHub right now, since you’ve reported it here. I’ll help either way. Once you’ve read that wiki page, please post back here with the necessary information. then I can see about working with you to find and correct the problem. smile


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Hi Mr.Dave

Sorry for my mistakes and bad English downer

I have searched on forum, YouTube, Google and Stack Overflow but doesn’t have the answer so I decided to post it on here. I don’t know that you have report issues procedures before.

Once again I want to say sorry for my mistakes. I’m so confused with my issues so I don’t think well.



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Do you have any sources to let me learn about program-o?



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You did nothing to be sorry for, Maitri. smile

Let me try this another way. There are a lot of different computers out there, with different operating systems, as well as different types and versions of server software, PHP and MySQL as well as different versions of Program O. All of this makes a difference when there is a problem with Program O, so it’s important to know all of this information from the start. So let’s start there. I need the following information:

[li]Operating system type (Windows, Linux, Mac, etc.) and version[/li]
[li]PHP version[/li]
[li]Program O version[/li]
[li]Is this a “local"install, or on a remote server?[/li]

Once I have that information, then we can begin to find out what’s going on with your install of Program O. Until I get this information, all I can do is guess, and that wastes everyone’s time.

As for resources where you can learn about Program O, I’ve already given you one of the more useful ones, in the form of that link to the Program O wiki. You can also visit for additional information, or to read the README and CHANGELOG files. I’m also happy to answer any questions that you might have right here at


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I’m using :
1. Windows 10
2. Php 5.4.7
3. Program-o 2.6.7
4. Local server using xampp


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Oh, I realized that I don’t have global_config.php on my config folder. Is that the problem lies? If it’s true, What should I do?

Sorry if I annoying you cause I’m so new on aiml

Thanks a lot. Just say what I thought


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Again, nothing to be sorry for, and you’re not being annoying. I love to help out. smile

Program O creates the file /config/global_config.php during the install process, so no worries there. Since the install script is having trouble, the error log is likely to be where XAMPP keeps its error logs (typically C:\xampp\apache\logs\error.log), so I would look there first. If nothing is found there, look in your Program O installation’s logs folder (again, typically in c:\xampp\htdocs\maitri\Program-O\logs\install.error.log). It may prove useful to stop your XAMPP web server, delete the error logs in both locations, restart the server, then try to run the script again. then post back the relevant log entries here so I can see what’s going on.


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Okay I found error in both file but I don’t quite understand error logs on C:\xampp\apache\logs\error.log. Which one should I delete? and error logs on c:\xampp\htdocs\maitri\Program-O\logs\install.error.log all error is aim to instal_programo.php, should I delete the file or what?

And for restart the server, I can’t restart the Apache on Xampp it notify that “a problem caused the program to stop working correctly”

I have try deleted the error log on c:\xampp\htdocs\maitri\Program-O\logs\install.error.log and restart the mysql but it’s still same as before, error


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It sounds as if something is conflicting with XAMPP, and since I don’t use XAMPP, I have no idea on how to fix that. But for Program O, this is something I can help with. You can attach TXT files here, so if you want to add the install error log to your next post, you need to click on “Advanced Reply”, just to the right of where it says “Fast Reply”, type in what you want for your reply, then find the section below that’s labeled :Attachments”. Click on “Choose file”, navigate to where you find install.error.log RENAME the file to install.error.log.txt, then select the newly renamed file for attaching. Submit your post, and I’ll be able to download the file so that I can read it. Then we can continue.


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Here it is

I attach both file so you can see, but the file in apache I brief

File Attachments
in_programo-log_file.log  (File Size: 5KB - Downloads: 27)
apache-logs_file.log  (File Size: 5KB - Downloads: 32)

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Ok, I see where the problem lies. Your XAMPP install isn’t fully configured to be compatible with Program O. It’s not hard to fix, though. you just need to edit the PHP configuration and restart XAMPP. Here are the steps to correct this:

[li]Locate the file php.ini in C:\xampp\php[/li]
[li]Within php.ini, look for a line containing “extension=php_openssl.dll” (without the quotes)[/li]
[li]If you find that line, it’s likely commented out (has a semi-colon { ; } in front of it) - just remove the semi-colon to uncomment the line[/li]
[li]If you did not find that exact line, then you need to put it in, so find other lines that start with “extension=” (again, no quotes) and insert that line nearby[/li]
[li]Save the changes and either restart XAMPP, or reboot the computer.[/li]

Once you get that done, try to run the Program O install script again, and report back with what you find.


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the install_programo is work! but when I fill the form and press save, it’s error again

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It appears that you don’t have the proper credentials for logging into MySQL. For that, you’ll need to get help from the XAMPP community, since they will be able to better address that issue for you. I could try to help, but since I don’t use XAMPP, I won’t have the necessary information available right away, so would have to research it. Thus, it’s better to ask the XAMPP community for help with this part.


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Okay sir, Thanks for your assist

Thanks a lot Mr. Dave


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Sorry sir, I want to asking something again.

AIML is saved on xml file, can I use that on dreamweaver?

The bot that I have made on html file will respond using AIMl tag


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