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Searching AI Chatbot for our onlinestore - which Bot will work?

Dear community,

we run a webstore and every day we get nearly the same customer questions via email.
Customer dont care about the FAQ. They want a personal contact.

So i want to add a Chatbot to our store enginee.
I found Chatfuel what would be perfect as its easy to setup…but is for the facebook messenger only.
Then i found Easy to insert via Java Code snipet into your heompage…but its a “get informations from customer” bot and no real chatbot.

Is there another Bot Software which can be embed via Java / PHP to a running webstore and is like chatfuel!?



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Hello, Heiko, and welcome to smile

When you say “Java”, I’m assuming that you mean JavaScript, and not actually Java itself. The two are very different languages, really, and are often confused. JavaScript (more accurately called ECMAScript) is a scripting language built into all modern browsers to facilitate functionality in web pages, while Java… Well, the explanation about the differences can take up multiple posts, so I don’t think I’ll get into it right now. For now I’m going to assume you mean JavaScript.

There are a lot of web-based chatbots out there, as well as a number that can be accessed from a web page through an API. The options are many, and the “best” choice will depend on the skillsets available to the person(s) who will be maintaining the website. For the most part I can really only speak of one of those options Program O, mainly because I’m the lead developer for the project wink

Program O is a web-based chatbot that is powered by PHP/MySQL. It runs well on most (if not all) OS/web server platforms with PHP 5.4+, is easy to install, and has an API that allows web pages to access the chatbot dynamically. It’s actively maintained (I just pushed a new set of bug fixes this morning), and is used in enterprise level sites.

Be warned, however. There is a bit of a learning curve involved with the administration of the chatbot, and if you want to have something more than just a generic ALICE clone chatbot you’re going to need a skilled creative staff to author the bot’s responses, and that will take several hundred man-hours to create a set of usable responses for your needs. however, I should point out that this part of the job will be the same no matter which chatbot you end up using.

I hope this bit of insight helps. smile


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Thanks Dave,

right - javascript. Im more a salesman then a IT guy but i try my best wink

I found right now as it seems to be the “outofthebox” solution for dummies like me.
We just want to test how many users use those chatbot and if we can increase our conversion rate. (im sure we will!)

But your right..the learning curve is my problem right now. Question & Answer is a easy setup. But it seems as those bots can do a lot more then just answer standard questions.

I will come back to you if gupshup cant support our needs!


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If you want an expert with a history of commercially successful chatbots, talk to Robby Garner.
By far, Robby has the most years of commercial experience, I am pretty sure.  There is a Christmas
store on the web, featuring his chatbot in production for years, probably the key to their success.
And, his chatbot creations actually starred in their own play in a New York City theatre.
Oh, and Robby’s chatbot set a Guinness World Record for being The Most Human.


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You should check out MS LUIS.


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