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Can I use ALICE offline within my program?

I am interested to know if is it possible to use ALICE chat bot in offline mode in our C/C++ programs?


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If you have an offline interpreter, the source files for ALICE are on the internet.


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Hello Steve, thanks for reply!
I saw your other reply about “program AB” and “Program O” and searched for them and found that those are written in Java and PHP. Then, as I am looking for a C/C++ offline interpreter, do you have any suggestion for it?
Also may you suggest a tutorial for new and not advanced user?

My purpose is to pass a strings trough an API/library/function and get the answer as string. and doing this locally.
Also I am looking for a complete bot to use, I don’t like to build a robot from scratch at this time. I only want to use a chat bot in my C/C++ program. Is it possible? How?


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Sorry, I am unaware of an interpreter written in C or C++ but others may know different.


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Actually, there have been several AIML interpreters written in C++ over the years. I’m not certain whether any are still actively developed, but you can look here for a list. Ones of note to investigate are libaiml and RebeccaAIML, among others.


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Thank you dave, May you explain why do we need a interpreter and what does exactly it do? As I searched I think interpreter solves some problems like misspelling words and tries to match them with AIML sentences(patterns). Am I true?


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An AIML interpreter is software that takes a user’s input, selects the “best” match from the collection of AIML files for your bot, then parses the chosen AIML category into a Human readable response. The “chatbot” can be considered to be the collection of AIML files it has, but you need an AIML interpreter (also known as a chatbot engine) to make it work. There are a LOT of different AIML interpreters out there, and selecting the right one for you depends on a lot of factors, such as how the chatbot will be used, what (programming) language the interpreter is written in, your skills and experience in the area, and others. Now we already know that you’re looking for something written in C/C++ for “offline” use, so that narrows the field a lot, but there are still several options to explore. Sadly, this is an area that I have no specific knowledge or experience with, so you’re probably going to need to rely on trial and error, as well as some good, old fashioned research into what will work best for you. I’ll answer any questions that I can, but useful information in this area is going to be hard to come by from me, as I just don’t know all that much about C programming.


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Thank you Dave!
It was a great help!!


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