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LOEBNER.NET is gone.

The LOEBNER.NET website is gone now.

Will the Loebner Prize Competition be next?

Certainly no disrespect intended, suggested

or implied.  Just making an observation.


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It went quite a while back. The new home for the Loebner Prize is on the AISB website:


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I followed the link and it looks to have been taken over by some malware :(

I had to do a full scan of my PC afterwards.


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Troublesome, most articles about the Loebner Prize still link to that address, including the AISB itself.
Here’s an archived version in case anyone wants to salvage old transcripts or such:


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Pity to hear that. Actually we should have taken over the website as a community. To late to handle. /\ Hugh


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I’ll make sure any references to the original site are updated to either refer to the AISB, or to the snapshot.


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In memoriam, do you think is better than ?

For example: in memoriam, is an improvement over


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For a site that was a memorial to Turing, or something akin to a biography, I’d expect, for a site more related to the ideas around Turing’s work and legacy, and a host for the community, then I’d prefer

So if there was a memorial page to Hugh Loebner, I’d expect


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Thanks for your reply Andrew.

If we research the Registration Directory Services, we can make an observation for information purposes…

Domain Name: LOEBNER.COM
Creation Date: 1997-04-14T04:00:00Z

Domain Name: LOEBNER.NET
Creation Date: 1998-03-27T05:00:00Z

I wonder if Hugh may have registered LOEBNER.COM had it not already been registered the year before?


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