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LPP test program

Dear Forum

I’m looking for a program to test the Loebner Prize Protocol and the only one I can find is


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Hi there. All information about the Loebner Prize is here, including the github to the files that the contest will be using:


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The post Don refers to here was removed as spam, but I felt strange about deleting Don’s post, too - Dave

According to Google Translate that entire post is advertising ceramic bowls. Given that, I’m surprised this account managed to start with half a relevant sentence even if it made no sense.


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The offending post has been removed and the member has been banned, Don. smile

I may be ill, but I still keep an eye out.


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Thanks Dave. And get well soon, I hope.


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Thanks, Don. I’m afraid I’ve a long battle ahead, regarding my illness. I’ve been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, but the news isn’t all bad. It seems I’m one of only 15-20% of people with that sort of cancer where the mass is ‘resectable’, meaning it may be removed surgically. There are still tests to run, and choices to make, but the prognosis sounds far better than the diagnosis. smile


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You’re a strong guy Dave and I know you will get through this, as you do all your other battles. Best wishes mate


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