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How to interconnect Chatscript & Node RED

Hi guys, I’m working on a small project that will allow me to run system commands for example using NLP. So the user asks for “Create directory and in it create text file containing ‘xyz’ “. I know how to do a similar task:

(Not exactly it but similar: Example)

t: (create [text file document paper]) ^keep() ^repeat() popen( “cat > /home/bart/Work/ChatScript_11_JUL/ChatScript/RAWDATA/testfile” ‘^myfunc)

But i would like the flow to distinguish about the tasks and actions. Provided by Node RED.
My question is, is it possible to combine Node RED flow ? And is it possible to make the program distinguish itself between the actions and maybe even combine actions together?. Or maybe there are any other ways to help the bot become more user friendly ?

I’m just new to Chatscript, its my first week of research. And i might be not informed.

Thank you guys !

Best Regards !


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