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I succeeded in making simple bot ... what’s the next???

Hi guys…

I’m sorry but I need some the help I don’t know my way

I learned AIML with java instead of python because java is my favorite language & I don’t know python

I succeeded in making simple chatbot….. I want to making smart chatbots it knows math pictures links looking for jobs…. etc
I want learning more & more… where am I start???


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First you need to define what you want your chatbot to do but if it has no goal and is a general conversation bot, I started by putting it online and seeing what people were saying to it. From this, I correct and amend responses as required.

Also, try to find some AIML files and learn from them. I have a few here which you are welcome to use:

It’s a long process though. You won’t make a great chatbot in a few hours. I’ve been working on Mitsuku for over 13 years and still find things that need amending.


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ok thank you


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Novice chatbot developers are curious.  Steve, is Mitsuku a clone?


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I created Mitsuku by amending the open source AIML files from an old chatbot called ALICE which consisted of around 40K categories. Over the years I have created around 300K new categories for it so yes, I guess you could say originally it was a clone of ALICE but has since developed into its own personality


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You created Mitsuku. You are her ancestor. A clone may only have one ancestor.  Therefore, if you and ALICE are her ancestors, then Mitsuku is not a clone.


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But Steve said it Mitsuku was created from the old AIML files from ALICE, therefore making ALICE as Mitsuku’s ancestor, NOT Steve, who is a human.

Nice try!


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Please, allow me try again, friend…

For Mitsuku to be created, being executable is required, which open source data is not.
The purpose of open source data, especially XML (Extensible Markup Language), is to be amended.

Secondly, Steve said “by” which is different than “from”, so that now translates to:

Steve (in the past) created Mitsuku before (in the present) amending open source data files.

In conclusion, to avoid charges of trolling, please know that all of this is intended as friendly for entertainment purposes. After listening the Bruce’s podcast that he is the father of Computer Go.  I am trying to think of a clean joke about Steve being the father of Mitsuku and ALICE being the mother…  smile



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