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Can we implement expert system (CLIPS) in our Chatbot?

Currently me and my friends are developing a chatbot, and i have a question since i’m still new about this topic. The question is can we implement expert system in this case CLIPS as a knowledge base in our chatbot?

Thanks. LOL


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In PHP, I wrote this expert system:

1. Visit website:
2. Click Links button
3. Click Expert Systems

So, adapting an expert system
for use by a chatbot is doable,
I think.


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8Pla-Net, Pardon me but Farrel was inquiring about using CLIPS, not the fact that you wrote an expert system.

CLIPS is a public domain software tool for building expert systems.

The name is an acronym for “C Language Integrated Production System.”

Farrel, Sorry but I’m not in a position to offer assistance but hopefully, some others will jump in to answer.


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8Pla-Net, Thank you for answering my question. If i may know, how you build your expert system? Are you perhaps using CLIPS? Or using another software to build your expert system?

Art Gladstone, It’s okay. I think my question is still too general to be answered, but i do hope someone have an answer for me.


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You’re welcome, Farrel.

Take a look at this book:

Intelligent Systems: Principles, Paradigms and Pragmatics
By Robert J. Schalkoff

This book publishes sample C Language source to embed
CLIPS using gcc C Language, and how to create a static
library for CLIPS using the makefile.

In particular take a look at:
Chapter 7, page 238,  7.6.2 Sample CLIPS Embedding (Using C)

Reference link (you may have to manually copy and paste it to a web browser):;&pg=PA238#v=onepage&q=InitializeEnvironment();&f=false


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