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How chatbot learn from conversation

I started chatbot creation learning with program o but i am wondering that how chatbot learn from conversation?


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With most chatbots, keeping a chat log, generally proves useful for making improvements.


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Hi ∞Pla•Net,

Thanks for your reply. Actually i started with program o and i have seen that they are keeping conversation in a database table. But i am not sure about use of this like suppose i am saying

Me: My name is Saikat

Robot : No AIML category found. This is a Default Response. ( Actually i removed all default AIML just keeping few simnple one )

I want when next time i will ask the chatbot that what is my name then it must answer like your name is Saikat.


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Try experimenting with “bad answer”:

Me: My name is Saikat.
Robot : I’m not good with names.
Me: bad answer
Robot: Would you like to teach me a new answer to “My name is Saikat”
Me: yes
Robot: OK, what should I have said?
Me: Your name is Saikat.
Robot: “Your name is Saikat.”? Do you want me to remember that?
Me: yes
Robot: I’ll try to remember to respond “Your name is Saikat.” when you say “My name is Saikat.”

Please note Saikat, I am not a forum administrator here, and I have not used Program-O for a couple of years.  So this suggestion is just for friendly discussion.




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Thanks ∞Pla•Net. I will surely try this. Actually i am trying to learn AI,ML with php mysql etc. so first i have started with program o. Anyway thanks for your help.


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I was trying by seeing this

But it’s not working in my case also i want to something where bot will answer from a past conversation not only on a current session also for later and for all like. If i will say.

Me : Do you know what’s the color of Mango?
Bot : No
Me : Bad Answer
Bot : Do you want to teach me?
Me : Yes
Bot : Then what should i say
Me : Color of Mango is Green

So next time when any one will ask what’s the color of mango or something like same then Bot will answer Color of Mango is Green

I am seeking help or clue if anybody interested or want to do then it will be very helpful for me. Thanks in advance.


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Friendly note, for anyone reading this post.
This post is intended for discussion purposes only.

If you rely on anything in this post otherwise, it is
at your own risk.  If you don’t agree, permission
to read this post is denied.  Thank you.

All for the sake of conversation,  I just installed
Program-O for testing purposes.

I created an “AIML” sub directory in the Program-O
folder to hold the AIML files I am loading through
the Program-O admin page.

I got the AIML files from in the installation guide,
to install a bunch of AIML files at once in a zip file, .

That was easier than loading one AIML file at a
time.  Although there was some errors while
loading, the Program-O bot is responding.

There is n file is called: badanswer.aiml
which was loaded from the installation guide zip file.

And, I believe the other is called: learn.aiml
which I just downloaded it from the post from
Pranav Lal,

Which had this zip file:

That’s as far as I can get for now.  So far,
so good.  Program-O is awake.  Next step
is to try to setup Program-O to learn.


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Yes i used the Bad answer template too.

Yesterday i have installed Program O from an another git repository name ” Program-O-josef-quick-fix-branch” not it’s inserting the pattern only after using “bad answer” but not inserting the template value. Also not giving the proper answer all the time.



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I got a solution for now. Now it’s working with learn thing but unable to save in this type of string like if i am putting a single word as an answer it’s taking but if i am putting a sentence as an answer then it’s not inserting into the db.


“Saikat” as an answer is taking but “Saikat Koley” as an answer it’s not. I think it’s not accepting any white space which is in between Saikat and Koley.


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