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wildcards for letters


I’d like to catch the most possibilities to help recognise what the user inputs better.

It looks like rivescript can’t handle single letters wildcard.

For example if I have:

what [*] seagull [*]
it's a bird. 

in the case the use inputs “what are seagulls?”, it won’t be recognised. If I use seagull* instead, it will expect only seagulls, but not in singular. If I use seagull[*], the optional seems to be only for a whole word, not a part of the word. Am I missing something? In regex, we can have more power on what we want to select.

So far, I’m forced to use something like that, which is more verbose:

what [*(* seagull|seagull*) [*]
- <sentence>, it's a bird. 

is there a better way?


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