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Chatbot for Google Reviews & Loyalityprogramm

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I want to start a Marketing Agency,
I will Provide a new service for Restaurants/fitness/Hair and many more.
This Service : I Print a Flyer with a QR code on the Flyer ” Scan the QRcode to Get a gift”

After they scan. they come to Facebook messenger, the Bot ask them to write a Review and provide the Google link about the Restaurant to write a review, the guest write the review, and then the bot send a Coupon code. with this Couponcode the user can reedem for a small coffe or what else.

The Restaurant Recive MORE Reviews from they guests, and I can send Promotions to All guests(who scanned the code).

And The Problem i Have, I need to CHECK, have write the guest the review ? I Know this can make with a “Crawler” they can check and give the information to a Google sheet, and the bot check the Google sheet (review write yes/no?) and then they give the Coupon code.
when the Review dont write, the bot ask again to write please a review to get the couponcode


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no full text length?
continue here :

Can i Check this with another Function ? without Crawler ?
Without Google API (Because when the review write on/for tripadvisor

And how Ideas you have for a Loyalityprogramm ?

can make a loyality program for the user/Guests? , (the guest can write the billno to the bot, and after 10 Bills, the Bot give a Coupon for a free food or what else)

Thanks for reading, I hope a Postive Response


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I have programmed without “check is review wroten?” in Manychat, for more Ideas i would be very satisfied & grateful


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