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Best tool for head / full body fast 3D development

What is, according to your experience, the best tool to create 3D models for chatterbot / virtual agents?


- Virtual Characters oriented only (head and/or full body). No generic 3D modellers, where you have to start from scratch (primitives).
- Exporting the 3D model in formats that are supported by Flash 3D Engines like Away3D, and in general by 3D engines for Desktop and mobile platforms.
- Exporting embedded animations.

In other words, a chatterbot / virtual agents oriented 3D models factory for fast development.


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Make human is flexible for creating models, I have never tried the Flash 3D engines though.

Be careful with Flash, I believe Adobe is limiting mobile support. HTML 5 may end up being a better long term choice.

You will probably need a tool chain to go from model to end-user avatar.

Daz3d can work if you are looking to just do animation movies. It has some restrictions in the use of the 3D models.


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It’s a bit dependent we’re you’d like to start.

The home page lists a few in the right hand column:

But if you’d like to build characters from scratch, you might want to consider to use a (semi) professional animation tool. We’re currently populating a list of tools for one of our next releases. I have gone through it by scanning their names, and these seem to be in this direction:

-Autodesk Maya
-3DS Max
-Anime Studio
-Poser 3D
-Crazy Talk Animator

We’ll need to go through our tooling list, categorized, test, describe them, but this might be a start for you.

You can also contact the animation companies listed under:

(also there, we’ll need to do much more categorization), we’ve just made a start with animation.



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Good list Erwin.  You missed Blender but that’s probably too low level..

There is also : FaceGen @


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yeah, you’re right, blender is there as well. We should actually set up a test lab or so. @roger: shall we set up Skype conversation to eloborate on this? We might do something together..


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