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chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent Amy Ask Amy provides 24/7 support on the TalkTalk website. She can answer questions on TV, Mobile, Broadband, Moving Home, Online Safety and much more.
chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent CallMum Featuring Mitsuku CallMum is the UK Edition of the mobile virtual asssitant CallMom from Pandorabots. CallMum is a mobile, voice-activated personal assistant that can have a conversation, dial a number, send an email or SMS message, learn contacts, provide help with the app, search the web, open a URL in a browser, read data from web services, check battery status, give directions and find a location on the map -- all through natural language, voice commands.

CallMum features the original Mitsuku chat bot personality created by Steve Worswick
chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent Mia MIA is an InteliWISE Sales Assistant in the UK Acess store.
It has the non - disturbing interface - a Widget that slides out in the form of Tab Widget and enables shop owner to precisely target shoppers with important sales alerts like ‘free delivery’ or ‘time based discounts’ and thereby increases conversions and decreases shopping cart abandonment.

chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent Phoebe Photobox, the leading European online photo servicing company, have chosen to work with SelfService Company, as a best in class Virtual Assistant provider, to further improve their multiple award winning website. Renowned for innovation and superb customer service, Photobox wanted to ensure that their customers had an online guide to provide immediate help for enquiries. Working with their RightNow knowledge base Phoebe is the first point of contact for all online product and service related queries.
chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent Anna Anna is an emotionally driven, 3D Virtual Assistant which answers customer questions regarding their gaming, account and general queries. No only does Anna create empathy with accurate and emotional responses to customer questions, but she offers the customer live chat interaction should more complex queries arise. Anna has already had an immediate impact by increasing the customer experience and reduced the email and live chat contact volumes.

Expired Sarah a chatbot / virtual assistant representing First Great Western

chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent Sarah Ask Sarah, First Great Western's V-Person™, is available 24/7 to answer questions on topics including planning a journey, purchasing tickets and reserving seats. This install includes an In-Coversation Survey (ICS) designed to collect information about the usefulness of answers and saved calls and emails.

This virtual assistant has been developed and is being maintained by partners the Virtual Zone and Creative Virtual.

Expired Harriet a chatbot / virtual assistant representing Harrow Council

chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent Harriet Harrow Council's Virtual Assistant, Ask Harriet, is located on the council website to answer enquiries specifically about Housing and Council Tax benefits. This V-Person™ template design is very user-friendly and allows visitors to enter their question in the free text box or chose from a list of clickable FAQs.

Protected Mia a chatbot / virtual assistant representing Co-operative Banking Group

chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent Mia The Co-operative implemented Mia (My Interactive Adviser), is an intelligent, humanlike virtual assistant who works alongside the real contact centre employees, instantly providing them with the correct answers to a wide range of banking and insurance questions.

Expired Lucy a chatbot / virtual assistant representing Lloydspharmacy

chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent Lucy Ask Lucy is Lloydspharmacy's online heathcare assistant. She is available 24/7 on the Lloydspharmacy website and can answer questions about weight loss, hair loss and even dealing with the common cold. This V-Person™ install features an animated avatar, a box for free text entries, a list of clickable FAQs and an In-Conversation survey (ICS).
chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent Annie Ask Annie is available on the RSPCA website 24/7 to provide information on all main species of domestic and wild animals including information relating to general pet care, animal welfare law, animal rehoming and vet care. This V-Person™ can also help users find local vets, council, police and fire and rescue services in their area.

In addition to being available to website visitors, Ask Annie is also being used in the RSPCA’s control centre. This version of the system presents controllers with both answers designed specifically for them as well as the answers given to website users which means callers can be provided with the most appropriate and complete answer to their query.
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