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chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent Contact Us The Chegg Contact Us Agent provides instant customer service that's available 24/7. The intelligent virtual agent serves as the first point of contact for engagement across all customer service channels. Alone, it handles over 200,000 conversations per month and, through its dialog strategies, determines the appropriate channel to direct the customer. This service model matches the hectic schedules of Chegg's target user group, college students, while simultaneously assisting Chegg's customer service department in balancing customer service channels. Customers are able to get answers immediately and at a time that's most convenient for them even if the customer service department is closed.

Nina a chatbot / virtual agent representing Chegg

chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent Nina Nina is an automated chat agent for, an online company that helps college students save money by renting textbooks.
chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent Mike Chatbot Mike works on free English as a Second Language website, a starting point for ESL/EFL learners who want to study English through the Web.
chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent Michelle Michelle is face-to-face on-screen interactive tutor for English learners. She will correct your grammar, answer questions, converse on a variety of topics, be there 24/7, and won't charge a dime. She works online to help people improve their English.

Spike a chatbot / virtual assistant representing Gonzaga University

chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent Spike Since bringing Spike to life online, financial gifts have increased 90% to Gonzaga University and individual online giving is up 50%. Spike helps both current and prospective students and families connect with Gonzaga by answering their questions with unrivalled accuracy. Visit Spike at http//

"We wanted to bring interaction and dialogue to Gonzaga's website. Next IT provided the miracle we needed." -- Joe Poss, Director of Development, Gonzaga University
chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent Genius Animated host used to greet visitors to Temps & Co employment cafes in the Washington DC area. Displayed on 42" vertical flat screen which was at the time, very novel. Developed for both live performance and in a preset animated version triggered by a motion sensor.
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