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Two chatbot Turing Test

Instead of trying to prove a chat bot is human, what about trying to prove that it is not?

For example: starting a dialogue between two chat bots often results in question/answer cycles that repeat. Which chatbot has the longer cycles?

Simplest case: one chatbot that says “hello” in response to all inputs. How does the other chatbot respond? smile


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There used to be a Turing test “judge” chatbot online that would deliberately put typos in its words. If you repeated the word with the typo still in it, it assumed you were a bot. If you corrected the typo, it assumed you were a human. If you gave the same answer to the same question twice, it also assumed you were a bot. One could also measure the time between input and response, see if they’re always the same and/or always on the second.

Repetitive question/answer cycles are dealt with by a fair number of chatbots. A chatbot with a dialogue manager can mark what it has said before and avoid re-using the response. How convincing it would be depends on how many general purpose gambit responses it has, like “You said that already” to “Okay I’m out, bye”. However, one thing few chatbots will do is actually make good on the latter claim and stop responding indefinitely. Reverse, A human will almost never keep talking for longer than 16 hours straight because they need to eat and sleep.

In my opinion the most effective ways to prove a bot is with either abusive misspelling (see Loebner Prize 2013) or an infinite array of word and letter games, like “If you count the ‘a’s and ‘b’s of your last question excluding prepositions, how many vowels do you count?”. Because the problem space and practical use of covering it are miles apart. You could program it, but most chatbot developers should consider it a huge waste of time, and thus they don’t.


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Furthermore, many years ago, there was an online chatbot program that invited one to prove that they were indeed human! It was quite engaging and far more challenging than one might think.

I believe it was named, Mr. Mind, although it is no longer available. <giving away my age but who cares>...


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I happened across it not quite that long ago smile


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Reminds me of Cleverbot talks to Jabberwacky


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