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typeof_ tag..  where did I get this AIML?? 

Here is an example from the file:

pattern>TYPEOF CABLENETWORK</pattern>

pattern>I LIKE <typeof_cablenetwork/></pattern>
template>CoolI like to watch <uppercase><typeof_cablenetwork/></uppercasetoo.</template>

This does not run in any I have… and I can’t remember where I got it. I REALLLY would love to implement this into my pyaiml assistant. Maybe someone here know a little more about it?? Can you imagine the possibilities? Thanks for you consideration.


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You can do something similar in AIML 2.0 but that syntax won’t work in any regular AIML interpreter. Is it perhaps Rivescript?


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I’ve looked through this old ZIP file I had and Im thinking it may be a Jon Baer created interpreter that could process the tags.. its probably from 2005 or so. Ill have to look into AIML 2.0… maybe I can find the interpreter. I dont delete anything.. lol

When I looked at this file I though wow I could put verbs, personal nouns, common adjectives in the typeof and create a whole different style of response from the bot. but anyway. Thanks again


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Sorry for the long delay in getting to this. As you can probably see by my information this is NOT my regular account. I had to make this one to be able to post here, as my regular account is having extreme issues, but that’s not relevant, so I’ll not explain further.

I’ve not seen those tags either. Program O could parse them, but not “out of the box”. functions would have to be written to parse them, and a specific set of actions would have to be coded in to get whatever desired output to be displayed. It would be an interesting project to tackle, making Program O support tags like that, but it’s beyond my time budget to do so.


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Well I think I found it! Jon Baer created an interpreter named Dany 2.01 build 20001108 Ill see if I can get it going. Thanks all


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If not, check out sets and maps in AIML 2.0. You can do the same things with them.


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