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AIML emoticon patterns


I’m developing an android app using an AIML chatbot (Program AB) since last year.
After an usability test one of the problems was: The chatbot can’t react on emoticons from the keyboard (But it would be awesome!).

Do you know, how to write a pattern for emoticons in AIML?
I can only react on all unexpected inputs (like an emoticon) with wildcards like “*”...but that isn’t nice for the user, who wants to use his emojis.

Best regards


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Greetings, Otto! smile

With the way most AIML interpreters (Program AB, Program O, etc.) work, emoticon detection “out of the box” is pretty well impossible, since most, if not all emoticons, smileys or emojis contain punctuation marks. However, with a bit of coding prowess, I’m certain that this can be overcome. Now I’m not a Java programmer, and I am not AT ALL familiar with Program AB, so I can’t advise you on technical matters for how to add emoji detection, but I expect that if you ask around you may be able to find someone who could at least point you in the right direction.


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