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only known in opposite case

I doubtless pose an obvious question to some.
I do not understand this Warning during :build


In my line 91
a: ([iphone ipad]) $share_soft_ios = TRUE iOS, ok. ^reuse(USEINTERNET01)
I get a
*** Warning- line 91 of Word iphone only known in opposite case
*** Warning- line 91 of Word ipad only known in opposite case

tUSEINTERNET () What do you use to go on the weba smatphonea PC?
a: ([depends most]Most of the time. ^reuse(USEINTERNET) ^setrejoinder(USEINTERNET)
a: ([pc computer windows linux firefox chrome explorer ubuntu debian]$share_soft_pc TRUE Ok easy. ^reuse(USEINTERNET01) ^setrejoinder(USEINTERNET01)
a: ([mac apple safari]$share_soft_pc TRUE All right ^reuse(USEINTERNET01) ^setrejoinder(USEINTERNET01)
a: ([smartphone tablet android]Android staff I think.
b: (~yes$share_soft_andoid TRUE ^reuse(USEINTERNET01) ^setrejoinder(USEINTERNET01)
b: (~noOther thinkI'm curious to know what it is?
      c: (_*) _0 . You tell me! It may be possible to work. ^reuse(USEINTERNET01) ^setrejoinder(USEINTERNET01)
    b: ([mac apple safari]) Ok easy. ^reuse(USEINTERNET01) ^setrejoinder(USEINTERNET01)
    b: (~emoignorance) If it'
s not Appleit's definitely an Android.
      c: (~yes) $share_soft_andoid = TRUE Ok. ^reuse(USEINTERNET01) ^setrejoinder(USEINTERNET01)
  a: ([iphone ipad]) $share_soft_ios = TRUE iOS, ok. ^reuse(USEINTERNET01) ^setrejoinder(USEINTERNET01) 

Someone see my mistake?
Is ChatScript confident that iPad and tablet are the same?


  [ # 1 ]

while the system can survive what you have written, the system knows words like iPhone and iPad already, and your spelling is incorrect (wrong capitalization).  If you were using underscore to memorize the input and spit it back to the user, you could get the wrong case sent back. Proper names should be written in correct case in patterns and concepts to avoid this warning


  [ # 2 ]

I understand now.
Thank you for this clarification Mr. Wilcox, as for the question of capitalization, which I did not think into a rule.

For the moment, despite all my efforts, the system survives my approximate experiments. Very robust, the beast!


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