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Implement pandora bot in java application


i have a java application which uses the chat bot api. I already implemented a chatbot, but I didn’t create that one.

Now I have created my own, but I don’t know how to get the ID of the bot. Do i have to buy premium? (I can’t see the options in API settings without, and I don’t want to pay, just to see if this is the right option)
how do i host the bot? is it via pandorabots or can i host it on my linux server?

currently, i can use another chatbot via:

ChatterBotFactory factory = new ChatterBotFactory();
ChatterBot bot factory.create(ChatterBotType.PANDORABOTS"b0dafd24ee35a477");
ChatterBotSession botsession bot.createSession();
msg botsession.think(msg);

and my main question is: How do I get the ID (like “b0dafd24ee35a477” in this example) from my bot? (i heared something, that the id system got updated..)


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