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Wordplay problem

I am trying use WORDPLAY aiml file in the Program-O script. The problem is that if I give the right answer then directly I will get 50 points.
I don’t know if it must be so or you will get 1 point to every right answers. In theory you will get 1 point and if you don’t give the right answer then you will get the final answer+final score and you will quit the game.

The aiml is bad or Program-O can’t handle correctly?
In it works fine but I don’t need this chat.


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Ah this brings back memories. I wrote that script 13 years ago now!
Yes, you should get 1 point for every right answer and not 50 points all at once. Your score is shown when you get one wrong. The maximum score is 50.

It may be a problem with topics in Program O but to be honest you can probably rewrite a lot more efficiently without all those topics. It was one of my very early scripts.


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Hmm thank you the aiml file that you shared in old times.
Well the problem is that I am not so smart, but hmm I will try my best then because I like this aiml. First time I saw in that flashchat script and I played with the bot whole day. :D It was funny. :D


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