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Dropping by once more…

Hi everyone.
I’ve been receiving regular daily updates for nearly a decade now. I did a quick search and found threads with past efforts to build a non-typical chatbot. I am back to working on Walter (Working Assistant, Learning, Tracking, Evaluating, and Researching).

Walter is currently a prototype AI framework written in Python. He has an Instagram account. Here are some details. Walter has been running for 4 weeks now and has been an avid Instagram user (code.testing).

* He has motion detection algo.
* He uploads images that highlights motion objects.
* He creates art mosaics from smaller motion images.
* He follows those who follow and those with interesting hashtags.
* He likes based upon tags.
* All images, followers, followings, and likes have been generated by code.
* Sends me SMS and email status updates.
* Responds to email/keyboard comments.

What’s next?
* Rebuilding a robust and flexible framework based upon prototype experience I gained.
* Implement NLTK (Natural Language Tool Kit) functionality to collect words, bigrams, trigrams, and more.
* Do more with images.
* Generate data model training data (supervised).
* Train data models (classifiers and predictors).
* Add commenting based upon models.

Feel free to visit Walter at code.testing.

Chuck Bolin


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Welcome back, Chuck! Great to see you here once more!

It’s hard to imagine that it’s been nearly 10 years here, isn’t it? It seems like only yesterday that we were discussing light curves for Walter’s world (I still have the script for calculating said light curves for Lunar brightness, BTW). Keep up the good work, and please keep us in the loop with regards to Walter. smile


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