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Hello, I need to extract what bot says to external program!!

Hello, I’m really bad at programming..

Totally newbie.. Help me plz

Here is what I want to do.

I want to make a web application using ChatScript
and need to extract what bot says to other program.

I have been allocated a EC2 cloud computer, and at there I launched Django.

In Django, I installed APACHE server and at there my python program is running.

In my program, I receive an input string from a user, then I want to give the string that user said to ChatBot.

When I give the input to chat bot, then the chatbot will find the rules and return answer.

How can I extract this answer and use it at my python program?

I also need to know before that, how to send the string user message to chat bot?

plz help me..
and give me an answer as easy as possible..


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