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Launching the Chatterbox Challenge 2010 Contest

The Chatterbox Challenge (CBC) is an annual contest which starts in mid March that allow any chatbot developer to participate and evaluate the intelligence of the chatbot through turing tests and much more. It is a really fun, simple and inclusive way for all children to practise their speech and language skills, it will be also interesting and amazing for anyone who wants to chat with the best chatbots.

InfraDrive is glad to announce the launch of the Chatterbox Challenge 2010 contest in 10th January 2010. As we already know, the deadline to enter your bot into the contest is 15 March 2010. You got a plenty of time to improve your bot and wow us!
You can enter your chatbot to CBC 2010 contest at the link below:

If your bot isn’t listed in CBC Bots Directory, you can submit your bot details for review and approval at the link below: (Click the 1st link)

This will be the 10th year since CBC started, so let’s make it deserve the effort of the past 9 years. Please spread Chatterbox Challenge everywhere in your blogs, in your websites and even in your desktop wallpaper(if you are truly a loyal geek!). You got a plenty of banners with different dimensions at the link below:

For botmasters, Chatterbox Challenge:
-    Improves your skills in building your bot.
-    Benchmarks your bot intelligence for free.
-    Makes your bot win prizes based on his intelligence and personality.
-    Gets your bot more popular and reviewed by visitors.

For visitors, Chatterbox Challenge:
-    Gives you the opportunity to judge and review chatbots.
-    Helps you to vote for the best chatbot.
-    Shows the latest and the most innovative techniques in Artificial Intelligence.
-    Is a good reason to start building your own bot.

For sponsors, Chatterbox Challenge:
-    Shows you new innovative techniques to run your business.
-    Helps you to get in touch with the world wide talents.
-    Makes you more popular with a higher page rank.
-    Gets you associated with innovative industry for present and future.

Many thanks for everyone who supported us, CBC couldn’t have survived without your support and congratulations for every winner in the past 9 years and better luck for who didn’t manage to win, you still got a chance this year. Let’s bring the old days at the link below:

You can also now track Chatterbox Challenge events by joining its page on Facebook and Twitter.

That’s not all, expect changes and surprises during this period. We’ll keep you updated for any changes. Please let us know, if you have any ideas, thoughts or suggestions.

Thanks again for your support and good luck for participants


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