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INQUIRY: CBC hosted at

INQUIRY: CBC hosted at

For the sake of news commentary and discussion,
is there any possibility that may have
interest in hosting the CBC?

Please treat this as a general discussion, not a request.



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Interesting enquiry 8-man grin

Actually is independent so we’ll try to help all  people who organize awards, contests or events.

From that perspective: when we host CBC (presuming the organizers would appreciate this), we would also have to offer to host the Loebner Prize (and its video streams etc), and other future prizes.

It’s not our intention to create revenues from that, but it will consume time and energy. Therefore, it does not have our focus yet until we’ve create revenues and break-even results.

Let’s see what the future brings….

(p.s. I have spoken to Ehab about his future plans yesterday but not about this suggestion as he is no longer in charge)


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