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Healthcare chatbot loebner test

Passing this along….

From:  Henry Wei, Senior Medical Director, Aetna
contact email: weih at the obvious .com address

I am working on getting Aetna, a large US health insurer, to sponsor a competition for healthcare-specific A.I. with a similar prize later in 2015 in the Winter, although most likely global and virtual in nature (likely though to have an event at MIT for those who’d like to attend in-person).  Would you or anyone you know be interested?

Notably we aren’t interested so much in chatbots that try to achieve a diagnosis – goodness, no, that’s actually not the point – but other healthcare domains, particularly if, say, chatbots (or emailbots or SMS textbots or twitterbots) can simulate the empathy of a good weight loss coach, or the understanding of someone explaining a medication, and so forth.


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Might be something for Mohan Embar’s Empathy Now chatbot.


  [ # 2 ]

Thanks Bruce.  Yep, we’re still in planning phases but holler if you’d be interested, thanks! -Henry


  [ # 3 ]

I am in. Let me know if you need anything.


  [ # 4 ]

Yes, I am happy to support this too.


  [ # 5 ]

I’d be interested in participating


  [ # 6 ]

Hi Henry,

Also interested - keep me in the loop if you would.


  [ # 7 ]

We might be interested in that.


  [ # 8 ]

Are you looking for a chatbot to pretend to be sick to get the health care professionals empathy or are you looking for them to imitate a specific diagnosis, Or are you looking for one to be the one who is empathetic towards someone who has a specific diagnosis?


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