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ImageNet image recognition contest

This is more in the line of neural nets and I know that some of you program them. IT is too late for this year but perhaps you can join in next year.


1. Are challenge participants required to reveal all details of their methods?

Entires to ILSVRC2015 can be either “open” or “closed.” Teams submitting “open” entries will be expected to reveal most details of their method (special exceptions may be made for pending publications). Teams may choose to submit a “closed” entry, and are then not required to provide any details beyond an abstract. The motivation for introducing this division is to allow greater participation from industrial teams that may be unable to reveal algorithmic details while also allocating more time at the ICCV15 ImageNet and MS COCO Visual Recognition Challenges Joint Workshop to teams that are able to give more detailed presentations. Participants are strongly encouraged to submit “open” entires if possible.

2. Can additional images or annotations be used in the competition?

Entires submitted to ILSVRC2015 will be divided into two tracks: “provided data” track (entries only using ILSVRC2015 images and annotations from any aforementioned tasks in both main competitions and taster competitions—different from ILSVRC 2014), and “external data” track (entries using any outside images or annotations). Any team that is unsure which track their entry belongs to should contact the organizers ASAP. Additional clarifications will be posted here as needed.

3. Is there still image classification task?

There will be no more classification task on the ILSVRC 2012 classification/localization dataset, instead teams have to submit results in the localization format (meaning both class labels and bounding boxes). If they choose to do so, they can return the full image as their guess for the object bounding box. If teams are still only interested in image level classification problem, they can participate the scene classification challenge.

4. How many entries can each team submit per competition?

Participants who have investigated several algorithms may submit one result per algorithm (up to 5 algorithms). Changes in algorithm parameters do not constitute a different algorithm (following the procedure used in PASCAL VOC).


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