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need help with aiml

I have an Aiml problem. I use the O-Master version 2.6.8 which also works fine. I’m making a bot that needs to address different levels. For example:
level 1 has a fund of 80 words.
level 2 has a pool of 170 words. etc.

but I want the bot to understand what level he is at. and only work with the words that are in his level.
I thought I could handle the problem with the attribute “Topic”, but I couldn’t handle it.
I hope I have expressed myself in a reasonably understandable way my english is not that good.
thanks for your help



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Hi, Roland. smile
It sounds to me as if you’re creating chatbots to emulate various early steps in language development. If this is, indeed, the case, it may be a bit difficult to do by using AIML topics, but it’s not impossible. Let me think on this for a while, and let’s hear from Steve Worswick, to hear his thoughts. Perhaps we’ll be able to come up with something useful together.

Meanwhile, jsut to make sure we understand your needs here, can you explain a little further, giving as much detail and specificity as possible? I think it would really help. Thanks.


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The way that immediately springs to mind is to have 2 bots, 1 for each of the levels. You can then code the answers according to how many words they are supposed to understand. Are these general chatbots or do they follow a script?


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Thanks for your input, Steve. It’s much appreciated. smile


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